World's Largest Typical
Whitetail ever taken
with a crossbow.

The Jerman Buck is one of the largest typical 5x5's in the world. The deer was harvested with a crossbow on November 10th, 2004 in Warren County Ohio. The buck's gross typical score was 208 7/8 and it ended up netting 201 1/8. He has a 24 - 1/8" inside spread and his rack was 28" at the greatest spread. Circumference measurements were all right around 5" plus or minus a few 8ths. The longer (left) G1 measures an incredible 11 7/8"!

I appreciate everyone's interest in the deer.

Below are some of the deer's credentials:

  • The Largest Typical Whitetail ever taken with a crossbow using the "Boone & Crockett" method (201-1/8 net).
  • State record typical whitetail for Ohio (201-1/8 any weapon).
  • Boone & Crockett #12 typical whitetail deer. Accepted @ 201 1/8 net.
  • Highest netting typical whitetail in the country taken during the 2004-2005 season.
  • New World record "perfect" crossbow buck according to Buckmasters Trophy Records (183-7/8 BTR).
  • #4 all-time in the Perfect Category with any weapon in the BTR (183-7/8).
  • World Classics' World Record for Men's Typical Crossbow (213-6/8").
  • 2004 Golden Laurel Citation co-winner. Awarded to the most significant entry into the BTR.

It's Official!!!!

In June of 2007, Boone & Crockett panel scored the buck and confirmed the score of 201 - 1/8 as its final net score. The deer is officially the State Record Typical Whitetail for Ohio and ranks number 11 all time.

I was able to travel to Boone & Crockett's 26th Awards in Ft. Worth, TX. and met so many super folks that I simply can't name them all. The deer was honored with the B&C "First Award" for being the largest typical whitetail entry in that three year period.


As listed above, the Jerman Buck is "The Largest Typical Whitetail Ever Taken With A Crossbow" - using the B&C scoring method and several other scoring methods. Please contact me if you know of someone's crossbow harvest exceeding my deer's net typical score.

We have heard some pretty wild rumors regarding the harvest of this deer. I assure everyone that the deer was taken legally and ethically. Through this whole experience, my character and integrity are the things that I most want to protect. I am thankful that a person near me recognized that some people would question the harvest and attempt to generate ill will, regardless of the fact that they would have no actual facts themselves.

On the advice of Gary Trent, I contacted the Ohio Division of Wildlife the day after the harvest and asked for investigators to meet with me in order to verify the kill and help quench any rumors that may start up. The County Wildlife Officer did meet with me while the deer was still hanging and observed the deer. The wound which was clearly a broadhead entrance was inspected. It was observed to have entered behind the last rib on the right side of the deer, and that it was not a pass-through shot. No exit wounds of any kind existed. We then went to the hunting property and observed the stand and shot location as well as the harvest location where I field dressed the deer. I then showed him the video I had taken of the live deer that clearly shows the features of the hunting property. Everything was in perfect order and the harvest was verified as being legal. I appreciate the State Division of Wildlife taking the time to do this.

Please disregard all bad rumors (believe the good ones if you wish), and feel free to ask me anything. I will continue to be perfectly honest regarding all aspects of the deer or anything else for that matter.

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