World's Largest Typical
Whitetail ever taken
with a crossbow.

I was greatly blessed on Nov. 10th, 2004 with the opportunity to harvest a truly magnificent buck. While a part of me believes that too much emphasis is put on these really big deer, this has been a dream of mine since taking up the sport. If harvested legally and ethically, I view a trophy as anything from a doe in a photo, to a big buck hanging on the wall. The hunt, regardless of the outcome, is what should be valued and God's creation in all it's glory is what should be appreciated.  I look forward to opportunities to share the deer, share my testimony and partner in ministries throughout the country. I am truly humbled that God has chosen to use this hunter and a big deer to spread his message of grace, mercy and salvation.

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Replicas of the Jerman Buck are available.

How thrilling to have the Jerman Buck featured in retail stores! This display is a full-body mount on the main taxidermy display at the back of the Field & Stream store at Austin Landing in Miamisburg, OH.

I was excited to be the guest of Todd Bromley and Mike Avery on the Crossbow Magazine Podcast. We covered topics like the story itself as well as life after a giant deer. Click here to listen

Be sure to take a kid hunting and don't apply performance pressure. Just go have fun and build memories that will last a lifetime. If you don't have a kid to take,... BORROW ONE!


            Blessed Hunting!

  Below are some of my upcoming appearances. Please do not hesitate to ask about an appearance at your event. I have a great time sharing the deer as well as tailoring a talk/seminar to your needs.

3/2021 - Pre- Covid, I booked an apperance in Eastern PA. More details to follow once re-confirmed.


On the personal Covid front; I ended up getting it in early November and only had mild cold symptoms along with loss of taste and smell. It has turned into a positive for me since it has allowed me to cut junk-food resulting in some weight loss. Prayers for families and individuals affected by the virus.  



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