World's Largest Typical
Whitetail ever taken
with a crossbow.

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Rhonda's first deer was a mature 250# buck! Great character for a 6 point with a palmated right mainbeam.

Clara helping with the butchering. She loves to run the grinder!

Natalie's first deer. Taken on public land with a perfect shot at only 15 yards.

Lindsay's first deer! She took this button buck from a ground blind and made a perfect shot at 20 yards.

Lindsay's First Buck! Taken on the next to last day of 05/06 season, she made a tough shot and the deer only went 30 yards.

Signing at an Ohio Division of Wildlife booth.

A picture of the Show Mount. Taxidermy by: Randy Walling

A quality field photo that I have released for use in regional publications like newspapers. Please contact me for other offerings.

District 5 Wildlife office event. Brad Jerman, Todd Haines and Mike Beatty.

Shooms! - 5/7/05

One of the prize packages I gave away for a recent contest.

After an excited phonecall from me, some friends cut a hunting trip short to come celebrate. Right to left; Pastor James Setser, Randy Walling and me.

I stayed busy at the Hunting & Fishing show down in Cincinnati.

A photo where I am visible...





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