World's Largest Typical
Whitetail ever taken
with a crossbow.

 We are partnering with the renowned experts of Antlers by Klaus to bring you museum quality reproductions of the Jerman Buck.

I thought my 155" deer looked good on the wall... Well it does, but it is no world class deer. There isn't any trick photography here. The skull cap is under my other deer's jaw and the Jerman Buck's G2s are outside of a 19-2/8" spread!

The Jerman Buck has to be one of the most symmetrical deer of it's size and has it all; length, width and mass. Its light colored antlers, matching G2 stickers and character building "hole" in the left antler only add to its uniqueness, not to mention the awesome browtines! I know of only a few 5 x 5 deer in its class and although I know I am rather partial, none exhibit the beauty that the Jerman Buck does.

The current price for a set of finished antlers is $2,100 + ~$75 S&H.

10% of my proceeds will be donated directly to non-profit organizations involved in youth education, drug and alcohol intervention and caring for the needy.

We would love to supply you with a Jerman Buck replica for your collection, den or place of business. You can receive antlers only (ready for your taxidermist), select a shoulder mount or even get a full body mount. This deer's tremendous size, marvelous symmetry and classic beauty has very few rivals.

Find out more about the replica process by clicking here.

Please Contact Classic Antlers if you are interested in a set of replica antlers, or a completed mount. I would be honored to have you display the deer.

Thanks, Brad


2004 by Brad Jerman - all rights reserved